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Transitional - Kindergarten - 6th Grade Students

We took only the best features of all these types of educational institutions and designed a program that can address the aforementioned issues they have.

Public Education Standards


Private School Environment Setting


Home-centered Education

Kids are doing artwork in class with teacher

  • A small program that is individualized and offers a flexible curriculum: a 1: 7 teacher-to-student ratio.

  • Partnership with K12/California Virtual Academies and use of Public Education Standards.

  • We combine the flexibility and tools of online learning with a traditional “brick and mortar” school environment.

  • Private school setting, at a lower cost than a private school.

  • Less competitive, with emphasis on individualized learning and real-world application.

  • Afterschool care options for parents, and enrichment classes to reinforce lessons and concepts.

  • The needs of the child and parent are prioritized and accounted for.

  • Credentialed teachers in the State of California.

  • Innovative and proven enrichment strategies for languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, and Coding), math, and other subjects.

  • Focus on creative thinking and analytic skills.

  • Focus on Christian faith-based, character building and healthy interpersonal relationships.

  • Emphasis on both academic achievement and creative expression.
Coding class for kids

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12 Foundations Program

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What is the 12 Foundations program?

An integrated education solution that directly addresses the challenges and shortcomings of modern education.

Public Education Standards


Private School Environmental Setting


Home centered Education

Issues exist with our current educational systems:

empty classroom in public schools

Public Schools

Public schools feature large classes which are impersonal and utilize lecturing as the primary educational tool, rather than teach applicable skills in a relatable manner. In reality, students see little interaction with teachers, and the concepts they should be learning to use.

These schools utilize a traditional format that doesn’t mesh with modern job requirements or provide the real-world skills that most industries are seeking in modern times.

Public schooling also has other adverse effects. For many immigrant families, public schooling has gone hand-in-hand with a loss of traditional family values that creates a generational and cultural gap within that family. This can also be a difficult issue to address when trying to raise and educate a student to be successful in the future.

Bullying is a prominent and continual concern for many children, and the students are offered little life coaching to deal with those factors of public school education. Coupled with a high-pressure environment driven by standardized testing and not an individualized success, this amounts to continual pressure on students which can lead to unhappy and disillusioned youth, rather than successful young people poised for the future.

A child problem in private schools

Private Schools

Private schools can be very expensive to attend, and this does not include after-school care costs. As these schools require tuition, there is a definitive socio-economic gap for some students which causes them to feel like they do not fit in well. Considering the highly competitive academic environment that private schools inherently feature with their lower student populations, this can lead to issues with self-esteem and social ostracization. Additionally, private schools do not always have teachers with credentials and offer smaller facilities, and typically feature a less flexible curriculum.

Homeschooling problem is when the kid is not listening to her mother


Homeschooling can be hard to do with a parent’s normal busy schedule, and, in turn, this may create serious gaps in a child’s education. These gaps run a risk of numerous issues in that child’s development, both academically and socially.

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