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Enrolling NOW for school aged students to learn virtually

Preschool and Afterschool Programs

Gulu Gulu supports students during COVID-19 and provides the highest quality online and on-site education, anytime and anywhere!!!

We are also accepting up to 20 on-site students at this time and offer partitioned learning stations for each individual student.

On-Site and Online Classroom Inquiry

On-Site Fixed Learning Station

Each class will not be longer than 1 . 5 hr'

empty table and space for kids in afterschool program
empty area for a child's learning

Virtual Classes

We now offer Enrichment Club as of April 1st, 2021, for all age groups. Monday-Friday, 6:00-6:55 PM

age 3 to 6 class schedule
class schedule for kids
age 5 to 8 class schedule
class schedule for kids

1) What is Provided?
– Each individual child is assigned a FIXED learning station with desk and chair. This is a space for your child to use everyday.
– All students will attend virtual enrichment courses. We provide all courses, projects and materials on site.
– A disposable face mask if needed.
– Teacher (s) to provide any technical assistance. 
– Basic charging stations for laptops and tablets, if needed (Chromebooks and tablets are most commonly used, we do not have individual chargers for every device available).

2) What Does Your Child Need to Bring?
– Each child will bring their own device to join virtual classes, perform school related activities, and do homework.
– All students must bring their own lunch, snack, water bottles, backpack and lunch box with name tags on.

3) Procedures and Policies Prioritizing Health and Safety for All Teachers and Students
– Temperature check for all staff and students each day upon entry, and at lunch time (Under 98.6 F).
– Students and staff disinfect hands and shoes before entering facility.
– Parents drop off at the front entrance, and staff will sign in and out for you if needed (Only one parent will be allowed inside the building, if necessary, and face mask or face shield is required for entry).
– All staff will wear a face mask and parents will also be required to wear a face mask when in contact with staff.
– All students will bring their own face mask/face shield or will be provided a disposable face mask.
– Each student will get an assigned station/spot with a desk, chair, and basic supplies for learning needs.
– NO SICK CHILD ATTENDING POLICY will apply for the school year of 2020-2021. Child must convert to our virtual program during recovery and we will reserve their seat until your child returns.

We will only be able to accept 20 students at this time, in accordance with HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES (Class Ratio 1: 10).

All on-site students will be joining virtual classes in the facility. We will ensure that all students are social distancing within OR outside of their learning stations at ALL TIMES.

Gulu Gulu Learning Academy provides Math and English classes, Homework Club, Story club/Reading club, and Chat and Support Club. All of these classes are included for those enrolled as Afterschool students.

Optional French, Spanish and Chinese language classes, Zumba dance, drawing classes, music and vocal class, Science class, Speech and Debate class, and Table Tennis class are also available as extra curriculum options through LIVE instruction on Zoom.

We will also be offering full-day themed camps for Spring and Summer break
(Optional virtual instructional camps).

To reserve a space, we will collect a $75 registration fee for the entire school year, 4 weeks tuition deposit and the prorated tuition for August.

Please contact us to discuss our prepaid tuition plan if you would like to receive a prepaid discount. We will be happy to offer a $50 monthly discount to families who choose the prepaid option.

1) What is Provided?

– We provide collaborative virtual classrooms for effective learning. Students will only need to log into one meeting room each day for all of their classes, so that access to class is always easy and efficient.

– We provide all courses, projects and materials through the Virtual Classroom on Zoom. In case of a special activity that requires physical materials, parents will be informed of the necessary materials in advance of the class. 

– Teacher (s) to provide any technical assistance. 

2) What Does Your Child Need to Bring?

– Each child will need their own communication-enabled device to join the Virtual Classroom, perform school related activities, and do interactive class work. 

– On occasion, a parent may be asked to provide the student with basic educational materials, like glue or paper, to complete a set activity. 

3) Why Our Virtual Classes?

-Our comprehensive learning program also promotes social skills and development of healthy interpersonal relationships through virtual interaction.

-Our virtual platform maintains a low teacher/child ratio so your student gets the attention and interaction they need to learn and succeed. 

-We provide age-appropriate learning experiences that keep your child engaged and interested in the materials and subject, which can be a challenge when learning in a remote setting.

-Our virtual platform also offers exciting educational games, regular progress reports, competitive and supportive contests, and an educational coaching program to ensure our students will be able to achieve progressive academic success.

student and teacher

Provide students academic support and enrichment options.

children with teacher

Filling the gap in the daily class schedule from the school district.

a kid is in safety mode for class

Offer life skills and emotional support during COVID-19 when schools are only offering impersonal distance learning for 2020-2021.

kid enjoying the virtual

Provide a collaborative virtual classroom for effective learning. Students will only need to log into one meeting room each day for all of their classes.


Virtual Class 1

02:00 - 05:00 PM PDT
  • 600 / Month
  • 550 / Month
  • 450 / Month
  • 375/ Month
  • 300/Month
Virtual Class 1

Virtual Class 2

03:00 – 06:00 PM PDT
  • 600 / Month
  • 550 / Month
  • 450 / Month
  • 375/ Month
  • 300 / Month
Virtual Class 2

Virtual Class 3

02:00 - 06:00 PM PDT
  • 650 / Month
  • 600 / Month
  • 550 / Month
  • 500 / Month
  • 300 / Month
Virtual Class 3

Virtual Class 4

06:00 - 07:00 PM PDT
  • 100 / Month

Virtual Class 5

07:00 - 08:00 PM PDT
  • 100 / Month

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