Enrolling NOW for school aged students to learn virtually.

Preschool and Afterschool Program

Gulu Gulu support students during COVID 19 and provide the highest quality online and on site education anytime and anywhere!!!

We also accept up to 20 on site students at this time with individual learning station with partition for each student.

On-Site and Online Classroom Inquiry

On Site Fixed Learning Station

Each class will not be longer than 1 . 5 hr'

Virtual Classes

Kindergarten to 8th grade
(5 years to 14 yearS old )
Preschool (3-5 years old)

Reading Club (Monday to Friday)
English Circle Time
LEGO Math Phonic
Art and Music Education

Pre K- 3 ( 1pm - 2pm )
4th grade and up ( 6pm - 7pm )

Collaborated Virtual Class with LIVE instructors
(2 pm - 6 pm)

Homework Club
Reading Club
Math Class
English Class
Chat and Support Club (Only For Friday)

Enrichment classes
(5 pm - 6 pm)

Enrichment class will start at 5pm and host on every Friday

Science and experience Class
Art Class
Music and Vocal Class
Chat and Support Class
Zumba Dance Class
Chinese Mandarin
Chinese Cantonese
Family Yoga
Zumba Fitness and much more

Optional Virtual enrichment class schedule will start from 5pm.
*Please check our class schedule.

1) What is Provided?
– Each child is assigned FIXED learning station with desk and chair. This is the space for your child to use everyday.
– All students will attend virtual enrichment courses. We provide all courses or projects and materials on site.
– Disposable face mask if needed.
– Teacher (s) to provide any technical assistance
– Basic charging stations for laptops and tablets if needed. (Chromebooks and tablets are most common used, we do not have individual chargers for every device available)

2) What does your child need to bring?
– Each child will bring their own device to join virtual classes/ perform school related activities/homework
– All students must bring their own lunch, snack, water bottles, backpack and lunch box with name tags on.

3) Procedures and Policies Prioritizing Health and Safety for All Teachers and Students
– Temperature check for all staffs and students every day upon entry and lunch time (Under 98.6 F)
– Disinfect Hands and Shoes before Entering Facility
– Parents drop off at the front entrance and staff will sign in and out for you if needed. (Only one parent will be allowed inside the building if needed and face mask or face shield is required for entry)
– All staffs will wear face mask and require parents will also wear face mask when in contact with staffs
– All students will bring their own face mask/face shield or will be provided disposable face mask.
– Each student will get an assigned station/spot with desk, chair, and basic supplies for learning need.
– No SICK CHILD POLICY will apply for this school year of 2020-2021
– Child must convert to virtual program during recovery and we will reserve the seat until your child return

We will only able to accept 20 students at this time under HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINE. (Class Ratio 1: 10 )

All onsite students will be joining virtual classes in the facility. We will make sure all students will be social distancing within OR outside of their learning stations at ALL TIME.

Gulu Gulu Learning Academy provide Math and English classes, Homework Club, Story club/Reading club, Chat and Support Club. All these classes are included for the enrolled Afterschool students.

Optional French, Spanish and Chinese language classes, Zumba dance, drawing classes, music and vocal class, Science class, Speech and Debate class, Table Tennis class are also available as extra curriculum options through LIVE instruction on Zoom.

Besides, we will also offer full day themed camp for spring, and summer break.
(Optional virtual instructional camps )

To reserve the space, we will collect $75 registration fee for entire school year, 4 weeks tuition deposit and the prorated tuition for August.

Please contact us to discuss prepaid tuition plan if you would like to receive prepaid discount. We will be happy to offer $50 monthly discount for the families who will choose prepaid option.

Provide collaborative virtual classroom for effective learning. Students will only need to log in to one meeting room each day for all the classes.

Provide students’ academic support and enrichment options.

Filling the gap on the daily class schedule from the school district.

Offer life skills and emotional support during COVID-19 when schools are only offering distance learning for 2020-2021.

Provide collaborative virtual classroom for effective learning. Students will only need to log in to one meeting room each day for all the classes.


Virtual Class 1

02:00 - 05:00 PM PDT
  • 600 / Month
  • 550 / Month
  • 450 / Month
  • 375/ Month
  • 300/Month
Virtual Class 1

Virtual Class 2

03:00 – 06:00 PM PDT
  • 600 / Month
  • 550 / Month
  • 450 / Month
  • 375/ Month
  • 300 / Month
Virtual Class 2

Virtual Class 3

02:00 - 06:00 PM PDT
  • 650 / Month
  • 600 / Month
  • 550 / Month
  • 500 / Month
  • 300 / Month
Virtual Class 3

Virtual Class 4

06:00 - 07:00 PM PDT
  • 100 / Month

Virtual Class 5

07:00 - 08:00 PM PDT
  • 100 / Month

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