Gulu Gulu teachers and staff want to form a strong and trusted partnership with you to ensure the best possible relationship with your child.

Our teachers provide daily communication with families and seek to understand your unique needs.

Founder of Gulu Gulu Learning program

Karen Chan

Founder of Gulu Gulu Learning Academy program starting from 2010.

Starting in 2010, Karen has been dedicating herself to a career in young children’s early development and education. She studied Education/Multiple Subjects Teaching (Liberal Studies) at Fresno State University, California. Before she started Gulu Gulu, she had been working with different age groups of children, as well as volunteering in special education classrooms. All these experiences prepared her well for her future teaching path to serve more children and families!

Moreover, with the benefit of her Asian heritage, she is determined to bring diverse cultural values into her classrooms. She believes that teachers should provide a positive and caring environment for children to bolster their skills and achieve possible accomplishments.

As director of the program, Karen has been playing a leadership role with her staff, as well as being a team player! In order to reach this goal, Gulu Gulu offers staff development opportunities and staff events to build up team spirit.

Besides, parents and teachers should also work as a team! Therefore, Gulu Gulu offers parents ongoing communication platforms through email, phone meetings, Saturday playdates, and family events.

“As adults, we can inspire and encourage a love of learning in our children, but we can’t push them to learn. We can do far better by creating an environment of support — both at home and at school — in which children can develop their own ideas, express feelings, take chances, make choices, share their opinions, and most of all, grow to be strong individuals. By knowing what interests your child has and discovering how she/he learns best, we can help him/her build skills in the context of his/her strengths and assist him/her to explore the full potentials.”

Karen Chan, Director

Our Staff

Ms. Amanda

Preschool to a kindergarten teacher, English teacher, and Math teacher

I have an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. I have been teaching preschool and kindergarten for over 14 years. My passion in life is helping other people in any way I can. One of those ways is helping students learn, grow, and mature.

Ms. Anh

Math and On-site teacher

I have a bachelor's degree in English and I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. I love everything about Math and I would love to spread the love to all my students. I am excited to be a guide in your Math journey and I am looking forward to seeing you in my class.

Ms. Christine

Prek, Zumba, music, singing teacher, and camp leader

I have an associate degree in Sociology at Chaffey College. I was a teacher and administrator at Tutor Time, Kindercare, and the City of Rancho Cucamonga. I love doing gardening, cooking, painting, ice skating, and roller skating. I believe all children have the potential to do great things, it is only a matter of how we as teachers nurture and build those interests to keep that light in children while they grow.

Ms. Eve

Chinese Mandarin Teacher

I have a bachelor’s degree in child development from California State University, Los Angeles. I enjoy exercising, cooking, reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family. I believe all students are capable of learning and being excellent. I will strive to create a welcoming environment where all students can develop a love of learning.

Ms. Mara

Spanish and English Teacher

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Child & Adolescent Development and Psychological Science. During my undergraduate studies, I also minored in Spanish and tutored the subject at my university. — ¡Hola! — Additionally, I earned my Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL) Certificate, and I am currently studying German for fun. — Wie geht es Ihnen? — I am also an active Research Assistant in the Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain (BMB) Lab at the University of California, Irvine. — Did you know that research studies have shown there are cognitive benefits to learning more than one language?! — I am passionate about language learning and I genuinely enjoy working in early childhood education. I have more than five wonderful years of experience working with children and youth in a variety of educational settings, including but not limited to: preschool, pre-kindergarten, and school-age programs at Tutor Time in Murrieta, California, and at multiple U.S. military Child Development Centers (CDC) in Kaneohe, Hawaii and Stuttgart, Germany. With that being said, I love to learn, I love to travel and I believe children should have the opportunity to explore the world and different cultures in the classroom (and outside of it!) whenever possible. Language studies are an excellent way to incorporate multiculturalism into the curriculum and I am excited to provide my students with ample opportunities to investigate, experiment, explore, discover, play and learn!

Mr. R

Math Teacher and English Teacher

Mr. R. has raised students’ reading and math scores using brain-based pedagogy. He has taught students of all ages to achieve success in school and beyond. He teaches language roots to young students through teaching about the Taxonomy of animals, writing by teaching about the Hero’s Journey, and Math by teaching students how to multiply with their fingers, among other lessons in the vast array of brain techniques that accelerate learning and advance students beyond their grade level. Most of his students double or triple their reading speed in one lesson, reading with greater accuracy, retention and recall. Mr. R. is available to teach your child the skills necessary to be successful in school as well as in passing standardized tests from the Common Core to Regents and SAT tests in individualized classes for Home Schooling or after school.

Ms. Rana

Education Coach + Math, French, Public Speaking teacher

My name is Rana Abourizk and I am proud to be an Educational Coach at Gulu Gulu Learning Academy. I have held many positions like TOEFL Instructor, Kids Teacher, Lesson Writer, Teacher Supervisor, Lead Instructor, Teacher Recruiter, and now Educational Coach at Gulu Gulu.

I have trained students for taking various exams like TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer. I have written well over 300 English lessons for an online school while I was a Teaching Supervisor and over 30 Business lessons while I was a Lesson Writer. I recruited several qualified teachers for a few online schools.

I still continue to recruit teachers, write lessons and teach. I love teaching children especially because I believe teachers help children build good foundational skills to do well in the classroom. I have a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in E-Learning in addition to an M.B.A. Currently, I am working on developing the ESL program. The focus of the ESL program is to develop students' English Language skills using various teaching styles and strategies that cater to each individual student’s needs.

Ms. Joanne

Chinese Mandarin Teacher

I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESL), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I’ve been teaching and tutoring languages since 2014. My students include elementary kids, middle schoolers, and adults. I believe language is a vehicle for expression of feelings, love, and caring. Carried by this vehicle, teaching and learning take place in a collaborative, two-way process.

Ms. Chelsea

Chinese Mandarin Teacher

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and worked with young kids for several years, and then decided to pursue an advanced degree in the United States. During my graduate school, I found my interest in language learning so I switched my studies to the Language Education field, obtaining a Master of Arts in Language Education, and then became a Mandarin language teacher. My students range from preschool to high school age and come from diverse backgrounds. As an Early Childhood Educator, and with language learners, I know that “Persistence” is one of the important methods towards learning successfully. Therefore, I always encourage my students to continue their learning. Sooner or later, they will be rewarded for their efforts. For young students, I believe ‘Fun’ is a way to help their learning. I enjoy working with students and parents and look forward to seeing you soon.

Ms. Kammy

Chinese Cantonese Teacher

I have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. I also have a certificate in Child Speech and Language Development, and Early Childhood Teaching Qualifications in Australia and Hong Kong. I have over ten years of teaching experience in various roles, like Online Teacher, Tutor, and Teaching Supervisor. When it comes to teaching, I will never give up on my students. Everyone has their talents and strengths.

Ms. Winnie

Chinese Mandarin Teacher

Ms. Shieh has been teaching Chinese as a Second Language in California since 2015. She graduated from National Kaohsiung Normal University and received her teaching credentials for middle school in Taiwan. She is also certified for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Ms. Shieh believes that learning a second language should be fun for students of all ages, and she utilizes multi-media, interactive activities in class to encourage student participation.

Ms. Jing

Chinese Mandarin Teacher

Ms. Jing is passionate about teaching mandarin and supporting students to grow, shine and succeed. She has a master's degree in Educational Technology. She has learned and implemented the second language acquisition methodology by Dr. Stephen Krashen from the University of Southern California, "language is acquired and that happens through an unconscious process when we are exposed to comprehensible input." Therefore, she is patient in guiding students with various learning styles through reading and storytelling while being devoted to creating a fun, engaging, and efficient online learning environment for students of different levels. In 2020, she completed training to teach AP Chinese with College Board. She is excited to work with students at Gulu Gulu Learning Academy.

Ms. Angel

English Reading, Writing and Grammar

Hi! I'm Tiffany Angel, but you can call me Ms. Angel.

I graduated with my Associate Degree in Psychology from Salt Lake Community College. I went on an eighteen month service mission to Germany where I learned how to start teaching others and speaking the German language more fluently. I graduated from the University of Utah in May 2010, with double major Bachelor's of Art degrees in International Studies and Human Development and Family Studies. I earned my Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, also from the University of Utah, in December 2014.

I have taught in preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and a little in 5th grade.

I love the arts, learning about different cultures, and anything creative with writing, arts, crafts, dancing, singing, drama, music, the symphony, opera, food, reading, taking pictures, making videos, etc. I love inspiring others and I look for the good in people. I have a daughter of my own and we love to spend family time together. I would love to start traveling and seeing the world again. I have a goal on my bucket list to visit every United State, and I would love to visit other countries as well. I can't wait to meet you and teach your child(ren)! We are going to have a blast! See you in class!

Ms. Sunni

Educational Coach

Hello! I’m Sunni, I lived in Milpitas, mostly my whole life! I have one child,a daughter named Sophia! Also, I have a dog name,d Sasha! She’s my first dog! I also have hermit crabs! I used to have other cage animals, like guinea pigs, and hamsters! I love animals! I also enjoy going to the park and beach! I like to do arts and crafts, play games, and listen to music! I’ve been doing child care since I was a child! I would watch the neighbors' kids! Then I worked as a nanny, daycare director at Kamal Curious Munchkin Daycare, and a cook for a Korean restaurant! I am looking forward to working with the students and families at 12 Foundations School as an educational coach.

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