Our Staff

Gulu Gulu teachers and staffs want to form a strong partnership with you to ensure a trusted and best possible relationship with your child. Our teachers provide daily communication with families and seek to understand your unique needs.

Karen Chan

Founder of Gulu Gulu learning program starting from 2010.

Starting from 2000, Karen has been dedicating her career in young children early development and education. She studied Education/Multiple Subjects Teaching (Liberal Studies) at Fresno State University, California. Before she started Gulu Gulu, she had been working with different age group of children, as well as volunteering at special education classroom. All these experiences prepared her well in her future teaching path to serve more children and families! 

Moreover, with the benefit of her Asian background, she is determinated to bring in diverse cultural values into her classrooms. She believe that teachers should provide a positive and caring environment for children to build up their skills and achieve possible 


Besides, parents and teachers should work as a team! Therefore, Gulu Gulu offers ongoing parents communication platforms through emails, phone meeting, Saturday play dates, and family events. 

As a director of the program, Karen has been playing a leadership role with her staffs, as well as a team player! In order to reach this goal, Gulu Gulu offers staff development opportunities and staff events to build up team spirit. 

“As adults, we can inspire and encourage a love of learning in our children, but we can’t push them to learn. We can do far more good by creating an environment of support — both at home and at school — in which children can develop their own ideas, express feelings, take chances, make choices, share their opinions, and most of all, grow to be strong individuals. By knowing what interests your child has and discovering how she/he learns best, we can help him/her build skills in the context of his/her strengths and assist him/her to explore the fully potentials.”   Karen Chan, Director

Ms Amanda

Preschool to kindergarten teacher, English teacher and Math teacher

I have an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. I have been teaching preschool and kindergarten for over 14 years. My passion in life is helping other people in any way I can. One of those ways is helping students learn, grow, and mature.

Mr Daniel

ESL teacher

I have been working with children in the past 3 years. I have experience in teaching preschool, kindergarten, and 6th Grade classrooms. Patience and Guidance are the two strongest areas of teaching. I am able to be fun when needed and able to be serious when needed.

Ms Anh

Math and On-site teacher

I have a bachelor degree in English and I am currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Software Engineering. I love everything about Math and I would love to spread the love to all my students. I am excited to be a guide in your Math’s journey and I am looking forward to seeing you in my class.

Ms Jacquline

English and ESL teacher

I have graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy playing with my dog, reading books from various genres, and spending time with my three younger siblings. My classroom philosophy is focused on having children actively work, encourage, and build each other up.

Ms Rae

Chinese Mandarin Teacher

I have a bachelor degree in calligraphy and a Master of Teaching Arts (Chinese Content) at Clarkson University. My teaching style is geniality. I love to create a warm and friendly learning atmosphere. I have two years online teaching experience and 6 Years of experience teaching in Korea/ Cambodia/ Lebanon School District in PA U.S.
My teaching qualifications: Chinese Public-school Teacher Qualification Certificate/ International Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate/ Han ban Excellent Chinese Teacher

Ms Rana

Education Coach + Math , French, Public Speaking teacher

I am a doctoral candidate that ) will have a    Ph. D in Education by August 2020. I have a masters degree in Business, master’s TEFL Diploma, and bachelor in communications. During my TEFL training, I was Young learners and Business English certified I have over 6 years of experience in various roles like: online teacher, tutor, coach, lesson writer, teaching supervisor, and teacher recruiter. My teaching philosophy is creating an interactive classroom that is fun and educational by using exceptional teaching strategies and activities.

Ms Christine

Prek, Zumba, music, singing teacher and camp leader

I have an associate degree in Sociology at Chaff ey College. I was a teacher and administrator at Tutor Time, Kindercare, and the City of Rancho Cucamonga. I love doing gardening, cooking, painting, ice skating, and roller skating. I believe all children have the potential to do great things, it is only a matter of how we as teachers nurture and build those interests to keep that light in children while they grow.

Ms Ava

Family education and Yoga teacher

I have a master degree in Telecommunication Management and a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering. My educational training helps me to be a practical, logical, and methodical person. I also have a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) instructor License and a Yoga 200-Hour teacher certificate. These training sessions help me develop skills of being a good listener, communicator, and peace of mind.

Ms Eve

Chinese Mandarin Teacher

I have a bachelor’s degree in child development from California State University, Los Angeles. I enjoy exercising, cooking, reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family. I believe all students are capable of learning and being excellent. I will strive to create a welcoming environment where all students can develop a love of learning.

Ms Julie

Math Teacher and English Teacher

I have a master’s degree in economics, a bachelor in education, and an associate degree in Early Childhood Education. As my hobby, I like to do painting, singing and book reading. As a teacher, every child is unique and special to me. I will assist my students to express themselves as well as developing their potential and learning styles.